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At BARC Seattle, we pride ourselves on compassionate care for your companion!

Patient care is our priority and we will treat your pet as if they were our own.  

We recognize that maintaining quality of life is of the utmost importance for all pets but with a cancer diagnosis, we know that you don’t want to see them"suffer".  We will work together with you and your family to understand the underlying disease process, help make decisions on care, and communicate our recommendations to your regular veterinarian. With clinical trials and other cutting edge approaches, we strive to offer the best approaches for your pet’s treatment.

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We offer the following Oncology services:

  • Cancer staging and diagnostics
  • Electrochemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Ultraviolet Intravenous therapy 
  • Injectable and Oral Chemotherapy
  • Coordinating surgery and advanced imaging procedures
  • Palliative care
  • Hospice counseling
  • Referral for Radiation therapy
  • Complimentary referring veterinarian consultations
  • Clinical Trials

We offer the following Ophthalmology services:

  • Diagnostic services
    • Slit lamp biomicroscopy
    • Indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy
    • Corneal and Fundic photography
    • Tear testing
    • Corneal evaluation
    • Eye Pressure testing (tonometry)
    • Glaucoma evaluation (Gonioscopy ) 
    • Retinal evaluation (Electroretinography)
    • Doppler Manometry 
  • Surgical Services
    • Cataract phacoemulsification
    • Lens implantation
    • Corneal transposition
    • Conjunctival grafts
    • Reconstructive eyelid surgery
    • Parotid duct transposition
    • Replacement of prolapsed nictitans gland (Cherry eye)
    • Glaucoma surgery with Ahmed Valve implantation
    • Cryosurgery
    • Salvage procedures (enucleation, chemical ablations & prosthesis)

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BARC is excited to be able to offer the Veterinary Recommended Solutions Transparent Nutrition Diets!