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Ultraviolet Intravenous Therapy

UVL Machine.JPG

The UVLrx Station™ UVL2000 emits three wavelengths of light in a unique parallel
combination. RED light (630nm), UVA light (365nm), and GREEN light (530nm) are
issued through an existing 20 gauge by one-inch catheter illuminating the passing blood
supply. Using the company’s patent-pending Dry Light Adapter™ and a standard IV
catheter, the device treats blood intravenously, thus eliminating the need for removal of blood from the body.

“Our pets are important members of our family. They are living longer and develop many of
the same problems of human aging,” adds Rowland Hanson, Chairman of UVLrx
Therapeutics. “UVL2000 will allow owners to provide a higher quality and standard of care
for their aging or ailing pet.”

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) has been used for over a century to treat bacterial and
viral infections and was awarded a Nobel Prize for treating lupus in 1903. With the recent
expansion of drug-resistant infections, blood irradiation offers significant advantages to
pharmaceutical therapies. Furthermore, UVLrx’s intravenous system is superior to existing
ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) in that it does not require removal of blood from the body.

We are very interested in its use for wound healing, pain relief, fever reduction, sepsis and overall general wellness.  Inquire about whether your pet is a candidate for UVLrx therapy!