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 Reconstructive or Corrective Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid tumors are removed based on size and appearance. Simple marginal eyelid tumors < 1 cm in size may be removed through a simple wedge resection or V-plasty type procedure. Eyelid tumors  that are larger than 1cm in size may require more complicated or reconstructive procedures such as H-plasty, Z -plasty or Rotating skin grafts. After removal of the eyelid tumor, histopathology is performed to identify the origin of tumor, margins of the resection and whether additional adjunctive therapy will be important for tumor control.   

Eyelid trauma requires meticulous and specialized care to prevent scarring and contraction of wound margins which could cause further corneal trauma in the future. Some repairs are simple one stage procedures and some can be complicated and require multiple surgeries to restore a healthy eyelid margin.

Inherited ocular eyelid abnormalities (Entropion and Ectropion) occur in certain breeds more frequently than others but can occur in any patient regardless of their breed.