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Corneal Conjunctival Transposition and Conjunctival Grafts

Corneoconjunctival Transposition Graft is a form of autogenous corneal transplant in which clear corneal tissue attached to adjacent bulbar conjunctiva is elevated and slid into a central corneal defect,
resulting in a clearer visual area and better visual outcome. It also has the advantage of physically filling the defect and providing rapid wound strength.  It may not be the best choice for corneal ulcers with
uncontrolled infection. 

Biosynthetic materials, such as BioSIS ocular discs and A-cell, are collagen substrates harvested from pigs and may be used in the eyes.  The provide a natural scaffolding for the eye to repair itself.  They have the advantage of convenient availability and relative ease of use (when compared to corneal transplants). They may be used alone or placed under conjunctival flaps as a stromal substitute. The materials may be used to overly the defect, but are more commonly sewn in place. Their tensile strength is probably insufficient alone to appropriately treat the deepest defects.