Gold Nanoparticles

Nanoparticles treatment.jpg

We are conducting a trial for dogs with small mast cell tumors (<1.25cm) and oral squamous cell carcinoma in cats. This new clinical trial utilizes gold nanoparticles in a gross disease setting.

Gold Nanoparticles are inert and are given IV to the patient and after a period of time the patient comes back to have the tumor heated with a laser. As the tumor vasculature is heated through the external near infrared spectrum of light, the gold nanoparticles are excited, the laser energy is converted to heat and the tumor vasculature is disrupted killing the tumor from the inside out.


1. Small mast cell tumors of <1.25cm size in all dimensions - reduced cost of trial to client.


2. Oral squamous cell carcinoma in cats - FUNDED by Companion Animal Health, Inc up to to $1400.

- Oral squamous cell carcinoma cases must be accessible with the laser probe and so tonsillar and under the tongue are not candidates.


If you have a potential case to discuss or have a patient with a small mast cell tumor in a bad location for surgery or if you would like to learn more,
please contact us at 425-697-2272 for more information.